Kastrup Strandpark Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 38' 34" N , 12° 39' 6" E
Harbour position DM
55° 38.56667' N , 12° 39.10000' E
Port position map
Kastrup Strandpark can be called around the clock. There is a marked sailboat with a depth of 2 meters from Kongedybet between Amager and Saltholm - course 245 °. Don't get too close to Saltholm as there is shallow water. The sail is marked with a red / white streak, then a red and a green stage showing the way in. The depths of the harbor are between 1.5-2.5 meters.
Number of moorings

Kastrup Strandpark Havn is located on the east side of Amager, and has Kastrup Airport just north of the harbor. It is only 7 kilometers to the center of Copenhagen. Kastrup Strandpark is a large and modern marina. The harbor is divided into two basins and guest sailors can use free spaces with green signs.

Amager Strandpark offers a beautiful beach and water park just north of the harbor. There are changing rooms, toilets and fresh water showers - though before locking in the bathroom.

There are good bus connections and the subway until Copenhagen. The subway can be reached on foot within 5-7 minutes.

Copenhagen Airport can sometimes sound a bit like airplanes landing and lightening every two minutes. However, it can also be fascinating to follow the planes light and land.

If you are missing sailor gear, you can visit Hellers , who has their shop in the harbor.

Kastrup Sailing Club belongs to Kastrup Strandpark.


Kastrup Fort was built in 1886-87 as part of the Copenhagen Sea Fortress. The specific task of the fort, together with the Middelgrundsfortet, was to close the sailing route to Copenhagen from the south. This maneuver was to protect the city from both a bombardment from the sea and partly from a hostile invasion of the port area. To accomplish this task, the fort was equipped with heavy artillery, primarily four 30.5 cm cannons. The fort was never used in a war situation, but it was on alert during World War I. Around 1920, however, it was considered that the Fortress of Copenhagen was outdated, and it was decided to close down all facilities and forts. Today, Kastrup Fort is widely used by families with children, institutions and groups of daycare mothers. In clear weather you can see Malmö, Saltholm, Flakfortet and Middelgrundsfortet.

The Blue Planet is next door to the harbor. Here you can experience Northern Europe's largest aquarium.

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Ports charge

Both under 8 meters cost 150 kroner for a day.

Both over 8 meters cost 180 kroner for a day.

There is water and electricity on the bridges. Electricity is paid by chip card. The port fee is paid at the port office, remember to include the number of the place you have taken. The port office is provided with a key card that gives access to the port's service buildings.

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