Anholt Havn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 42' 55" N , 11° 30' 36" E
Harbour position DM
56° 42.91667' N , 11° 30.60000' E
Port position map
Induction from S and W: Pay attention to the unmarked stone 0.5 cm S for entry. Please note that there may be power across the entrance. Mooring is done at floating bridges with stern bends. The N-straight berth is reserved for the fishermen. If there is no space in the inner pool, one can lie too sway in the S-equal part of the outer pool. Another option is to lie long-ship on the inside of the pier heads. The outer pool is troubled by W-straight winds. The harbor is illuminated.
Number of moorings

Anholt harbor is a scenic gem located in the middle of the Kattegat. About 160 people live on the island. In the summer, it is not unusual for 6,000 people to stay on the island.

The harbor has a sailing house with sailing room as well as good toilet and bath facilities. The harbor office is also located in the sailing house. There are good barbecue areas at the harbor, where the portmaster lights up every day at. 5.30 pm during the summer season (June, July, August) - when weather permits. In the harbor area there is also a grocery store with bakery department. In addition, there is a fish shop where you can buy freshly caught fish.


Anholt has northern Europe's largest desert. In the summer, desert walks are arranged - ask the dock if you are interested. Of course, you can also go out on your own.

It is also possible to go out to Anholt's lighthouse, where binoculars are set up. Here you can look for seals, birds and other wildlife. Totten, which is the furthest tip of Anholt in the desert, is a popular place to stay for the seals - the area is totally peaceful.

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2018: Low season: 0 - 11 m: 150, - / day 11 - 13 m: 200, - / day 13 - 15 m: 250, - / day 15 - m: 350, - / day High season week 27-32: 0 - 11 m: 200, - / day 11 - 13 m: 250, - / day 13 - 15 m: 300, - / day 15 - 18 m: 400, - / day 18 - 24 m: 600, - / day 24 - m: 800, - / day Manual charge: 100, - / time Electricity according to consumption

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